Loss of Signal



Borne’s break through  album. This is really where it all started. After a 9 year relationship breakup, the next day setting up for a gig in Port Melbourne, Cam found himself staring at a digital television screen. Ironically the picture was blank and on the screen were the words ‘Loss of signal’. The words spoke to him. Was this where modern love and relationships were heading? As quick to turn off and move on as a tv channel? An Internet dating site membership cancellation? These were the questions Cam was forced to ask and confront upon the writing of Loss of signal.

When ‘The Guide’ became the first iTunes single of the week to be released simultaneously  in all territories around the world it was downloaded and incredible 1.5 million times in a week. Loss of signal climbed to #13 on the U.S Billboard charts, #1 in Australia,# 2 in France & Germany and # 1 in the UK. It’s meteoric success catapulted borne onto the world stage where they were invited to play at SXSW in Austin Texas,Glastonbury,Hyde Park Calling and the O2 Wireless festivals in the UK.

Borne was approached by record company giant Universal music out of New York. They wanted to sign the indie Melbourne band. To this day Cam has never understood why the deal didn’t go through. Perhaps he never will. But at this point he doesn’t care as he is a free and still independent artist with choices in direction and what he feels is an army of true music loving fans behind him all the way.

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