Famous Tasmanians

From people & places to produce…

It could be Errol Flynn, or some of the world’s oldest & tallest trees, it could even be ‘Bev from up the road’ who’s well loved for her Huon Valley Apple Cake recipe – Everyone has a story and every place has a history and therefore is rightfully ‘famous for something’ within their own community.

Famous Tasmanians  highlights what it is that makes these people and places special, and foremost – uniquely Tasmanian.

Cameron Tapp visits some of the most beautiful places in Tassie and highlights whats it that makes the communities unique. As an accomplished singer and songwriter, Cam has travelled the world gaining inspiration for his music…

Now it’s time to travel around Cam’s homeland & gain inspiration from the people & places he visits in Tassie ..

Cameron Tapp

At the age of 5 when asked what Cam Tapp wanted to do when he grew up, he clearly remembers answering very simply ‘I want to be a drummer in a rock band’. Now thirty years later, the Tasmanian born, Melbourne-based, singer-songwriter says it’s almost a case of  ‘I can see clearly now’…  a sort of Johnny Nash optimism, after a long climb to his own mountain summit.

Cam had the idea for ‘Famous Tasmanians’ about 5 years ago. His vision was to share with the world the wonderful place where he spent his childhood – playing in the wilderness and inspired by the natural beauty of his homeland – Tasmania.

‘Famous Tasmanians’ will encompass Cam’s spirit of adventure, his love of art & music, the inspiration of the people he meets along the way and thrown into the mix, his love of cooking with fresh, local produce. And on every menu .. there’s always a song!
more info:  www.famoustasmanians.tv